Kesema Ocean Maritime Education and Training

Kesema Ocean Maritime Education, Training and Awareness initiatives are targeting school learners to expose and excite their interest in pursuing careers in the Ocean Sector.

While young people have a strong desire to learn and build a better future for themselves, it has been observed, identified, and confirmed that they are primarily concerned with opportunities in the terrestrial economy and are unaware that there is an Ocean Economy that offers just as many untapped great career opportunities.

The project is aimed at learners from upper primary to high/secondary school. School children will be guided to explore the following career opportunities in the ocean sectors as Navigating Officer (Captain of Ship or Master), Marine Engineer, Naval Architecture, Engineering Officer, Deck Officer, Hydrographic Survey, Offshore Engineering and Technology, Oceanography and Marine.

Kesema Ocean Project Blue Expanded Maritime Programme for Unemployed Youth, Graduates, Entrepreneurs and SMEs

The Project Blue Expanded Maritime Programme is a youth development initiative that seeks to create opportunities for unemployed youth to explore training, learnership, internship, placement, small business and entrepreneurship opportunities in the ocean sectors. The Project also aims to address youth unemployment and skills shortages.

Kesema Ocean Research and Development & Innovation

Kesema Ocean Research and Development experts are constantly investing in creative and innovative research for various institutions and organisations globally. Kesema Ocean Research and Development experts and constantly finding solutions to the ocean economy challenges through various partnerships with private and public sectors.

Kesema Ocean Research and Development Experts continually find creative and innovative solutions for research projects through partnerships with various institutions and organizations globally. Experts from Kesema Ocean Research and Development are open to collaborating with public and private sectors to discover solutions to the problems facing the ocean economy through research work. 

Kesema Ocean Consultancy Services

Kesema Ocean Consultants assist in organizing our many ocean initiatives and activities as well as in developing opportunities for ocean education. Through a range of workshops, they mentor and empower young people through presentations and motivational speaking to stimulate their interest in learning about the maritime industry. They offer advice and address any problems the young people who want to pursue opportunities in the maritime industry may have.

Kesema Ocean Conversion Programme

The project aims to convert unemployed mechanical engineering graduates into marine engineers. Kesema Ocean will identify graduates with Mechanical Engineering Degrees from various institutions in South Africa. These identified graduates will be converted into Marine Engineers through a placement programme. The Mechanical Engineers will be placed with maritime institutions offering Marine Engineering Courses.

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