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School students in class working with tablets

The company mentors and empowers young matriculates and women in South Africa through workshops, presentations and motivational speaking to encourage them to take interest in careers in the Maritime Industries.  

It aim to create awareness to youth and young graduates in South Africa about the job opportunities available in the ocean sectors. Educating, directing, encouraging and aspiring start-ups entrepreneurs to explore the ocean sectors for business opportunities.


Kesema Ocean Tourism is a subsidiary of Kesema Ocean Economy and Enterprise Development (Pty) Ltd. Kesema Ocean Tourism specialises in the following services:

Marine Ocean Tourism

• Marine wildlife tourism (dolphins, turtles, birds etc)

• Ocean experience (cruise tourism, Island tourism) Cruise packages for various 

  Destinations locally and international  

• Coastal wildlife tourism ( land based whale watching, coastal tourism activities

• Sand/beach sport events (sand dune, surfing, kite flying)

• Sightseeing (lighthouse tourism, cycling, marathon)

• Coastal Heritage events (local seafood and cultural tourism, cultural history etc)

• Events (Marine competitions)

• Educational and scientific excursions (aquariums)

• Pure Recreational (dining out, shopping)


Flight accommodation and tours

• Offer safari and group bookings.

• Organise, hotels, airlines, tour operators and cruise ships

• Boat tours

• Training and education

• Connecting and linking people to the best cruising companies in South Africa and internationally

• Bookings shuttle services car hire and accommodation

• Organise drop off and pick-ups to and from the airport


Kesema Transport and Logistics Services ensure that your goods are transported on the sea and air, delivered safely to their destinations within South Africa and internationally. Kesema Transport and Our shuttle services also pickup and drop people off to the airport. 

Kesema transport and logistics services deal with sorting, arranging, wrapping & packaging, air freight delivery, clearance of goods and services for clients through agencies, transporting goods via shipping and ensure that it is delivered safely to its destination. It also involved getting the cargo from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the receiver’s warehouse including arranging for shipping services.