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About Us 

KESEMA OCEAN ECONOMY is an ocean-based company-based company providing ocean related services to individuals, government, private sectors in South Africa and International Communities. We are specialized in providing ocean-related services and exposing the ocean sectors to individuals, communities, schools and rural communities in South Africa and International Communities. 

We offer proven expertise in-focus areas in the ocean and maritime sectors such as:

Ø  Aquaculture 

Ø  Fisheries

Ø  Offshore Oil and Gas

Ø  Bio Prospecting

Ø  Shipping

Ø  Marine Transport and Manufacturing (Boat Building)

Ø  Small Harbours Development and Terminals

Ø  Coastal and Marine Tourism and Cruising

Ø  Yachting

Ø  Super Yacht

Ø  Boat Building

Ø  Sailing

Ø  Ocean Environmental Safety and Controls

Ø  All Maritime Sectors in South Africa and Africa

Ø  Ocean Safety and Sustainability

Ø  Exposing Entrepreneurial Sectors of the Ocean/Maritime Industry to the aspiring entrepreneurs and potential SMEs to explore prospects and opportunities.

Ø  Provide advice on general jobs for non-sea people

Our target group

Ø  Young Women

Ø  General Youth (Male & Female)

Ø  Student and unemployed graduates

Ø  All schools in South Africa (Primary and High Schools)

Ø  Previously disadvantaged schools and communities

Ø  People with disability

Ø  Aspiring entrepreneurs, SMMEs and Small Business Starts-Ups

Business Objectives

Our objectives are to expose the huge and numerous opportunities available in the ocean sectors and encourage the youth, women, students and aspiring entrepreneurs especially to take up the challenges offered by the ocean economy sectors and develop an interest in it.